Friday, 23 December 2011

the rhythm of baking..

mmmm so its nearly nearly christmas day... the anticipation is making the kids effervescent..little bubbles of sunshine keep bouncing off them. !
Was up at 6.30 am making fresh cookies to replace the 4 dozen we accidently ate already ..or gave away..however by now at 10.30pm..have given most of that 6 dozen away too...mmmm cookies... I ate a few..and so did the family..and we're all filled with christmas from the inside out!

Much to my amazement  I received a chuffed smile from my postie, a couple of bags of chaff,(wow) a bag with home grown sausages and bacon, a mystery gift from a friend who now has a bag of delicious shortbread to offer her guests, and a beef roast also home  - ya had me at the smile :)
This also goes back to the magic of homemade - tastes like butter cos it is.. smells like vanilla cos I dropped those seeds in myself - and the rhythm of creating it gives me peace and tranquility in a hectic season.

My house was filled today with cinnamon and cardamon and orange zest and shortbread smells.. those cookies may have gone but a bit part of my tired worn out self is feeling like its been hugged and nurtured and loved - the act of gifting just comes back tenfold..and I hope they feel the same way .
..thank you wonderful friends for your generous gifts - but thank you most of all for just being you..wonderful - fabulous  - and a really good reason for baking ..xxxx

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