Sunday, 16 September 2012


..a friend said to me, I never need to call you - your whole life is on facebook..
well! thats a conversation stopper!
I must admit, its easy to add to, I can have a whole conversation..over days..and some of the jokes are sooo funny!
But also, how much do my friends need to know..?
How much is too much.. do I love the sound of my own voice in my head so much that I can't shut up ?
Maybe.. which was why I started a blog - so I didnt fill face book with a constant stream of consciousness.
So much of our lives are out there on the web, I keep up with friends overseas and just around the corner - even my next door neighbour when we're both busy with mumminess -
Is big brother really that interested as some of my more paranoid friends say, or are we just cheerfully chatting to ourselves like the budgies do all day?
Many of the blogs I read fill me with hope and joy and make me feel normal and sane. They inspire and educate and I laugh and cry with the writers, as I burn cakes, bandage knees and struggle with the daily drudgery of mummidom.
My life is pretty great, but some days are tougher than others, and venting online and out of my house into the world frees up my headspace for just getting on with life.

Thus the reason I started.. so as not to bore my friends with my verbosity, just to set it all free and maybe amuse the occasional reader..who isnt my mum !

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