Tuesday, 13 December 2011

pre-christmas insanity..or being resourceful and therefore accused of earthmothering tendencies..

... I've notice that when i bake, or sew or do something like craft.. even plant anything ..people toss around the phrase earth mother.. and oddly enough it sounds like an insult, no matter how kindly they mean it..
in my head i see round old lady who talks to her cats and recycles her teabags..and wears one of Those aprons..
 Now.. I may be somewhat rounded, have been known to dig out a pinny - and yes - my cats do chat to me..(mostly about the price of fish or lack of it) but I like a fresh t-bag and some thrash metal on the stereo as much as anyone else..
 I just choose to nuture my family and friends - and myself  - with homemade love.
I'm a terrible house keeper..but today my house smells like fruit cake..and later there'll be gingerbread in there too..and maybe even lemon curd- with cutsy home crafted labels..
These will be handed out to friends and teachers and the other precious folk in my life..with cheerful optimisim and a belief that homemade love is welcomed by all.
As much as i wish to spoil them with dollars and cents, precious time and a bit of effort will tell them I care and they matter to me, without breaking the bank or even glancing off its shiny expensive credit card decorated surface..
So merry christmas precious ones,  from the earth mother ..who may or may not have taste tested the liquor for the chocolates - (to prevent accidental poisoning of the innocent) .. I shall shoulder the slings and arrows of well meant titles and continue to spread glitter in my wake where ever I wander..

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