Sunday, 24 April 2011

sunday ..the bliss of a long weekend...

of course the best part was the easter bunny didnt have to hop out the bedroom window to deliver eggs on the front porch this year..phew.. last year bunny fell asleep on the couch and missed the delivery window ..
. bunnies do sweat!!
so  - left my chocolate munching kiddlies with Daddy.(thanks honey pie).Drove  up to the paddock..listening to tragically hip.. pretty much brilliant start..followed by lovely docile horse ride on my big plonky donkey girl..hanging with horsey friends and later reading with my eyes closed on my bed when i got home.. the best kind of nana nap ..mmmm
A long weekend is a little piece of magic really, a little extra breathing space, time to pause and laugh at the man, and with the kids. Time to play games with the dog, teach the kids how to cook stuff.. and then a lovely calm evening cos we all get a sleep in..
. thank you  thank you thank you..

those anzac were amazing people and for giving me this time to remember that and hang out with my family I thank you .. RIP un named warriors.

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